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      The New Year has come. Many people have returned to their hometowns for a long time.

      We bought a new Spring Festival couplets and fireworks, go back to home, I can't wait to old Spring Festival couplets to tear down, and the new put up Spring Festival couplets, I just ready to put a new Spring Festival couplets, was blocked by the mother, she said: "to have a look at it first!" I looked right and left, putting a bit of a sticker on it, and my mother shouted, "no, no, no." With that, she poured the spring couplet upside down, I laughed: "mother, you make a mess. The spring couplets are on the wrong side. "Don't talk too much," said the mother gravely. "it's lucky to be here." That's what struck me. That's it. You're done with the new one.

      My brother and I each took a fireworks lit cigarette lighter, 1 of "slish" suddenly, fireworks up small spark, then the fireworks in the chip, Li, every 20 seconds, the fireworks on the color becomes limpid, when the last color, I can't help but sigh: "this is fun!"

      Dad filed firecrackers go toward outside walk, obviously, he is going to set off firecrackers, the designated site, dad put the fire on the ignition mouth with lighter, throw them away, firecrackers rang "or". The year is getting stronger and stronger.

      What a wonderful New Year!


      Today is a year, finally to the New Year, my mother and I go to the supermarket in the evening, we bought a lot of delicious, also bought a couplet and everyone, then bought a lot of fireworks, happily went home.

      Back home, I help mother first stick couplets and everyone on the door, and then help my mother make dumplings together, dumplings cooked, mother turn on the TV, we are eating delicious dumplings, watching the Spring Festival gala, the party is very good-looking, especially liu qian's magic show, amazing.

      The fireworks lit up the night sky, and my mother and I set off firecrackers and fireworks to set off. The New Year is finally coming!


      Just after the Spring Festival this year, during the Spring Festival, I saw many families with the word "fu" on their doors, and my family was no exception. Why is that? I asked my mother, but my mother said it was not clear, and later, I read in the book that the word "fu zi" came from.

      Zhu yuanzhang was kill with "f" word memorization preparation, good horse queen to eliminate the disaster, people make the city size must be before dawn in holding with an "f" word, so all the home door posted "f" word, one of the family is illiterate, unexpectedly stick "f" word. The next day, the emperor sent people to the street to check, and found that every family had the word "fu" and a "fu" to his nephew. When the emperor heard of his anger, he ordered the army to cut the house down. The queen said to zhu yuanzhang: "the family knows that you have come to visit today, and have deliberately put down the word. Is it not the meaning of" fu arrive "? The emperor ordered the release of the man as soon as he heard it. From then on, people put up the lucky word, a lucky luck; In memory of queen ma.

      The word "fu" is now interpreted as "happiness", while in the past it was "lucky" and "lucky". The Chinese New Year affixed the word "fu", the people's yearning for a happy life, for the good future.


      At the time of the Spring Festival, mother from her company holding back a puppy, puppy eyes round, very cute, a dark under the eyes of his nose high, my mother said to me: "let's give the dog a bath!"

      I took a red string and tied it up in the bathroom. Mother found a big basin, opened hot water and put the puppy in. At first, the dog always jumped out of the basin, and then it seemed to be very comfortable. Mom took the shower gel and rubbed it on the dog. She rubbed it with her hands. The puppy seemed itchy and kept running away, only to hear "whoo!" At last, I saw my mother changed a basin of water and poured it on the dog.

      The mother carried the puppy to the ground, and carried the hair dryer to the dog to blow the wind, after the blow, the dog became clean, the whole body down dry, and a fragrance, feel comfortable! It walked up and down on the ground, I watched TV, a few minutes later, mom and dad ready, the food is my favorite Fried rice, I three two finished eating, and then poured some feed the dog, the dog eat very delicious!

      This is the most interesting thing about the Spring Festival!

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