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    小学英语作文-My summer day
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    小学英语作文:My summer day

    Today is Sunday, I go to swim, and it is so fun. Then I go back home. Dad gives me milk to drink. I like drinking milk because it is so good. And I eat a yellow pear and mom cook a cake for me to eat. I like eat cake. We go to ride bike; I ride the bike so fast, and then we go home to watch TV. I watch Tom and Jerry and the cat is gray and the mouse is brown. The mouse like eating cheese and it is clever. The cat is not as clever as the mouse. The cat is sleeping, and mouse jumps on its head. The cat wakes up. It wants to catch the mouse but it can not. So the cat is very angry and run very fast. The cat catches the mouse, but the mouse slips away. The cat wants to eat the mouse and the mouse run away. It is very funny.

    At last, my father gives me a pineapple. It is delicious. This summer is good.

    the is 划船作文 晋江文学城作者 初一写人作文

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