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    My mother is a senior high school English teacher. Under standably, she wanted her daughter to pick up English early to give her an edge to later study散文, which I did not understand at the age of eight. I was so obsessed with fun and games that I hated to stay peacefully with all those strange phonetic symbols and odd words. I wondered what pleasure Mother seemed to have found in teaching me A,B, C. Wasn't teaching at school tire some enough for her? I went on strike, refusing to spell a single word no matter how tender or severe Mother tried to be with me. For the first time in my life, Mother beat me细节描写的作文, imprinting on my mind. The physical pain was gone long细节描写的作文, long ago. But I have finally come to understand how it pained my mother to beat me for my obstinacy and disobedience, and I ache at her pain.

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