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      In current society,thanks to the deepening reform and opening-up,there is so much unemployment, the competition for jobs is very fierce.In an effort to land a decent job ,a host of school-leavers choose to attend the graduate school‘s test.They want to learn more knowledge before acquiring a fine job.They also can be confident in taking interviews.Consequently,attending the graduate school‘s test is pevalent increasingly in late several years.

      Among other folks intend to secure a job after graduating.Although the competition for jobs is very fierce,it is also very difficult to find out a fine job for colleage students.After a couple of years,the number of the graduate students is sharply up-swing.It is same to face job problems for graduate students.Secuing a job after graduating can accumulate experience in order to get on well in the future.

      In my eyes,the Middle kingdom enjoys a booming economy, a rising number of companys from overseas come to built themselves factories.We are facing opportunities and challenges.We might well choose to land a job after graduating.Plus,we are still young,we can choose to attend the graduate school‘s test after accumulating working experience.It will be wise for us to do that.


      Should students go on further study or find a job after leaving high school?

      Time spent in campus is not always treated with gracious look, but some parents may choose other ways for the longevity of their childrens post-high-school period, namely, find the adolescents a job, rather than sending them to a college. I can find myself against this act for a thousand reasons, amongst which we can figure some strongest ones as follows:

      My first con against this behavior is that education is not just a benefit but also ones rights. Without education , as Gorge Orwell had once said ,is to be deprived of the most precious privilege in our time as a modern man. With college education , youngsters can choose a better way of doing thing correctly and more efficiently. The sharp contrast between those who have received well education and those without is not just financially, but more vitally, spiritually.

      Admittedly, we can find cases of some one achieves without college education, but these cases are famous only because they are rare. Those people who succeed with a college degree are so many that this would seem to be a must and a natural part of elites. The absence of university education is hard to imagine in our days. The prospect of those juvenile workers or businessmen would be even dimmer than ever before .For in our age, knowledge is not only the power, but also the know-how to solving problems and gaining a much larger fortune.

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