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    Liu Xiang is one of the famous athletes/ players in China. He was born on July 13th, 1983.

    In his spare time, he likes singing and playing computer games. He is best at 110-metre hurdle in sports.

    He got the gold medal in 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

    And in 2006, he set a new world record with the time of 12.88 seconds.

    He didn’t take part in 2008 Beijing Olympics because of the condition of his wound.But he got the gold medal in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

    He hopes to to be the winner at 110-metre hurdle in 2012 London Olympic Games.

    We think that his dream will come true. We are very proud of him. Good luck to him.


    Our English Teacher Our English teacher, Ms Huang作文我的心愿作文, came to our school in 1970.

    She has been an English teacher for more than 30 years.

    She works hard and has been a model teacher for many years. She is kind and friendly to us after class, but She is rather strict with us in class.

    She always encourages us to speak and read more English.

    She often says我的心愿作文,"Practice makes perfect." She is good at teaching and tries her best to make every lesson lively and interesting.

    She often gives us slide shows我的心愿作文, teaches us English songs and helps us to put on short English playS. She is not only our teacher but also our friend.

    We all respect and love her. Tomorrow she is going to attend an important meeting, at which she will be given a medal for her advanced deeds.


    Since Yao Ming joined NBA in 2002 , the discussion about if he can be a super star has never been terminated. As we know , Yao is a quite high and strong player in NBA.

    And depending on his height and weight ,Yao can control the restricted area easily just like O'Neil.

    Besides his body , his skills are more comprehensive than other centers. By this I mean comparing with other same-position players ,Yao is very successful because he can use more advantages to face different players. In this aspect , Yao has already been a super star.

    On the other hand , Only playing well is not enough to make a man become a god. Why people pay more attention on Kobe , James ,Iverson? Those players are not only playing well , but also mark matches with their own signs.

    They make their matches differ from others. Although they may have weaknesses , people still like to watch there performance.

    So , if Yao can put his feature into matches , it will be soon to get a great achievement.

    All in all, in my view point, Yao has a good future considering his ability and faith.[描写人物的英语作文模板]相关文章:1.高一英语作文人物2.鲁迅人物传记英语作文

    in he 我的心愿作文 六年级下册作文 语文工作总结

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